Financial Reporting Software

Real-time reporting across the enterprise

Improve how you track sales, finance and operations and unify your information into a single consolidated view of your business.

Visualize and analyze in one place

Analyze historic trends and set new targets for your plan, all within the same, intuitive and customizable interface.

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Drill into metrics that matter

Get the insights that count, surveying the big picture view of your business and drilling into your data to answer tough questions as they happen.

Support all reporting and analysis requirements

Publish and share board reports, access transaction details, provide up-to-date commentary, and experience a real-time and connected view of your company’s performance.

Author reports with Kepion’s drag & drop builder

Build and publish your own reports and dashboards with Kepion’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder, creating custom business reports within minutes.

Continue using your favorite BI tools

Bring your data to life with Kepion’s integration with Power BI and Excel, using interactive visuals and dashboards across your planning process.