Capex Planning Software

Capital asset plans that drive performance

Ensure your capital expenses meet short-term needs and long-term growth objectives.

Gain instant insights through improved capex management

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheet models for capex planning.

Calculate depreciation over time, automatically

Track the true value of your assets over time, understanding the impacts on the balance sheet and cash flow, automatically and continuously.

Perform driver-based planning for new assets

Drive new capital expenditures from variables that truly affect your business, such as new headcount, production units, or company expansion.

Perform detailed-level asset planning

Enter a new asset item and type, and Kepion will handle the rest with asset classifications, depreciation accounts and useful life assumptions.

Integrate capex planning with core financial statements

Incorporate your capital asset planning into key financial statements automatically, feeding capex immediately into your P&L, balance sheet and cash flow.